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Click on any of the links below to learn more about each group and to sign up. Our next Small Group cycle begins in January and runs through March. The four types of groups are:

Life Groups – Life Groups are small holistic communities that have common elements of worship, discussion, sharing, and prayer. They are also likely to share times of fun, support and service outside the regular meetings. Life Groups are on a 12-week cycle, as are all groups, but the leaders are committed to the group for one year.

Formation Groups – There are no Formation Groups this cycle.

Learning Groups – Learning Groups are made up of folks that are focused on learning or training in a particular area of life or ministry. They will often include some form of sharing and prayer. Learning Groups will meet for 12-weeks only. A specific learning group will normally be offered once a year.

Leisure Groups – Leisure Groups are small group communities built around a defined topic, interest, or activity. These groups may include opportunities for sharing and prayer. Leisure Groups will meet on 12-week cycle, but may not meet every week. They also might continue for numerous cycles, depending on interest and participation.