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Planning an event at the church? We have a variety of rooms, set ups, audio visual equipment, and facility/admin support to help your ministry event be a success. Here are the steps involved in planning a ministry event:

1. Have a conversation with your overseeing pastor. That pastor will guide you through this process and go over other essentials such as recruiting folks to help you.

  • Pastor:                                                                                                  Administrative Assistant:
  • Michael Palandro:  Ethnic diversity, small groups, and leadership                 Rita Henderson
  • David Gausepohl:  Foundational classes, healing prayer, community care     Rita Henderson
  • Jill Lively:  Children’s ministries                                                                Cynthia Loya
  • Harry Fritzenschaft:  Finances, Vineyard Institute, Barnabas Coaching         Cynthia Loya
  • Wes Edmondson:  Missions, youth, young adults                                        Cynthia Loya
  • Jessica Lewis:  Worship and The Arts                                                        Geneva Marquina

2. Fill out an MINISTRY EVENT PLANNER. Your overseeing pastor can help you with this, or you can do it yourself. This planner will have lots of information regarding what the church provides, what you must provide, and other event essentials and expectations. When it is completed, please send it to us in one of the following ways: email it to Jill Lively at, fax it to 713.869.7500, or drop it by our offices.

3. If this is a first time event, you will meet with Jill Lively, at your convenience, to discuss other event details, registration, childcare, church promotion, printed materials, etc.

4. As the date for your event approaches, you will be in contact with your assigned administrative assistant to keep track of registration and other details.